Let's Play: Introduction

This time around to help myself not run out of things to write, I’m going to spend some time writing about games that I have played or am playing at the moment. Of course to make it a bit more useful and relevant to this blog, it won’t simply be a game review, but will also include some ramblings about the game design…

This started out as a long list of games that I think would be interesting to write about, but I’ve now updated it to be grouped by similar games - you’ll note that like me many of them are quite old:

  • 4X (Fantasy)
    • Age of Wonders Series
    • Celtic Tales: Balor of Evil Eye
    • King of Dragon Pass
    • Master of Magic
    • Ascendancy (recommended by Claude since I like MOO II)
  • 4X (Sci-fi)
    • Master of Orion 1
    • Master of Orion 2
  • FPS
    • Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  • Management
    • Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe
    • Railroad Tycoon 3
  • RPG
    • Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura
    • Fallout Series
  • Shooter
  • Unique
    • Chaos: Battle of Wizards

You may also notice that many of these are very similar… in those cases I may also include a comparison post after reviewing both game.

This is quite a big list already, so if I write one of these a month it should keep me busy well into next year, so keep your eyes peeled, the first one should be out sometime in August 2016 (in fact I’ll be starting a game of MOO 2 a bit later tonight to refresh my memory and start collecting some screenshots).