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Last year I said I should have a new site up by 2015 at latest, but as it turns out getting thrown onto a new project during December is quite exhausting!

The fact is there's a fair bit of work I still want to do on this CMS before I'll consider it ready for usage. I want to make one game a month for the whole of 2015 even more, so something's got to give...

So in the meantime accept my apologies for this extremely basic and unsexy website - hopefully a good game or two will come of the delay in sprucing it up.


  • One Game A Month: I hope to churn out one game prototype a month for 2015.
  • Mystik CMS: A CMS written built on Node.js, written in a few months to present on Node.js at an Entelect Dev Day.
  • Jumpers: A very old prototype of a game that I still need to rewrite someday - there's so much unrealised potential, just a pity it's trapped in a very old code-base that depends on an obsolete library.