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AA Battery - Week 40

Sorry for the late update! It was Ludum Dare 42 this weekend and against my better judgement I ended up making an entry during whatever bits of time I could scrounge over the weekend with Monday for polishing. It’s probably not my best work, but I consider it my most successful foray into roguelike and / or turn-based mechanics - you can give it a try here. Week 40 was absolutely terrible for AA Battery with work grinding to a complete halt this past week.

06 August - 12 August, 2018

With the kitchen under construction home is currently more like hell and then to top it all off my work laptop got stolen out of my car on Tuesday afternoon, so I had to go to the police station to get a case number and all that jazz… That did mean that the weekend away was a welcome relief, even though we ended up trading one construction site for another (dodgy AirBNB host advertised a mansion - instead we got just-converted stables with the cement still wet in places). The nett result is no progress on AA Battery and I was so frazzled over the last week that I even failed to track the time I did spend on game development over the weekend…

The game jam did at least go quite well - largely thanks to this Turn-based Strategy Template Project I started on Friday. With the jam just completed now, I know of many faults with the template project’s implementation, so I’ll write a post-mortem a bit later with some ideas for what changes I need make to it.


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