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GGO16 - Day 7

It was a rough day at work today, so I slept a bit when I got home, ran some errands and then settled down to give XCOM2 a try (my wife got it for me for my birthday). Talk about hacking, modding & augmenting - that game’s got it all!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to working on MegaCorps tomorrow. Next thing I have to do is finish implementing squads and being able to assign then at least a couple of missions:

  • Move: Move to an adjacent city block.
  • Control: Take control of the city block.

What does control mean? So I’ve been thinking about the back story for MegaCorps a bit. Here’s a first draft introduction to the world.

MegaCorps: Back Story

The time is the not so distant future.

The place is the United States of America.

With the unabated civilian shooting sprees of the early 2000s the government had little difficulty convincing the populace to give up arms and to repeal the 2nd amendment. With arms concentrated in the the hands of police and military forces and the populace distracted by the ever increasing amount of entertainment available on the internet it didn’t take long for a faction within the government to ensconce themselves as rulers for life.

For a while life was good in the USA… but after being on the losing side in a couple of foreign wars the dictatorship’s power began to wane. Economic disasters began piling up and the federal government increasingly had to cede power to local governments as it didn’t have the resources to enforce its control.

Then in 2076 a great scientist invented a new type of computer interface called the CHIP. The CHIP is implanted into the brain and makes use of the giant wireless hubs installed throughout modern cities to hook the user directly into the internet. It can replace external signals to the brain with fake signals allowing users to experience anything they want as reality!

Most local city governments did not foresee the importance of the CHIP until it was too late… the last few mega corporations on the other hand had managed to survive the troubling times with their research departments largely intact and it wasn’t long until they managed to reverse engineer the CHIP and start producing it themselves.

Corporations exist to make a profit and what can possibly be more profitable than a pliant population willing handing over the fruits of their labour to their benevolent corporate overlords? So the corporations set out to take over the cities one by one and converting the populace to using CHIP so that they can be easily controlled and commanded to serve their corporate masters without question.

The local governments are weak and the federal military acts only in its own interest - so the only thing standing in the way of their total domination are the other mega corporations - let the wars for the cities begin!

You are a promising young executive from one of the corporations tasked with taking over a city. You have a hidden headquarters at the edge of the city and your hackers have successfully taken control of the wireless hub in your area, making the local populace your willing pawns. In addition you have a couple of cybernetically enhanced special agents that have been modded with CHIP to be obedient only to you that you can use to expand your influence in the city.

Go forth and conquer!


Matt Van Der Westhuizen

Back-end service developer at Ubisoft Blue Byte by day - wannabe game designer & developer by night.