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AA Battery - Week 35

Week 35 has been very productive! I posted my first development diary in months… We had a bit of planning session on Monday evening to figure out what we need to do get pre-production finished and with work on migrating our blogs to HUGO static generated sites hosted on Gitlab pages finally completed last week, I was able to focus on game development for a change.

2 July - 8 July, 2018

Development this week largely focused on finishing off the first seaside level prototype by adding water and troop landing boats. I followed this very nice tutorial by Alex Rose (the guy that makes Rude Bear Saga in Ludum Dare). As you can see below I’ve managed a reasonable approximation at an ocean by adding some sine waves onto the velocities as well as some splashes when something hits the water:

Although it’s not shown in the video, I did also start on buoyancy and got as far as having my prototype boat floating in the ocean. The prototype boat was just a transport plane with a Buoyancy component on it, so this week I’ll aim to finish off the sea level by finishing the landing boats, which entails:

  • Drawing the landing boat.
  • Splitting the drawing into parts (base, side and ramp).
  • Setting up physics collision boxes and rules so that it can have troops inside.
  • Movement logic.
  • Ramp lowering logic.
  • Spawning logic.

Matt Van Der Westhuizen

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