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GGO16 - Day 19

Today I managed to finish hacking together my more advanced city blocks that have a bit more detail to them to allow for more complex economic calculations. That wasn’t enough - for them to actually be worth anything I also had to implement random city generation, which was a bit more than I planned on doing today, but at least it’s all mostly working now!


See for yourself: Glorious CityBlock details!

I’m pretty sure there’s a few bugs that I’ll have to fix tomorrow:

  • City generation is failing to generate blocks of average quality in the 2nd ring of the city as it’s supposed - instead they are also poor.
  • Income is way too low - I must’ve messed up the calculation somehow.

Once those are sorted out I want to tackle a couple of things:

  • Adding buttons for changing the tax rate.
  • A happiness system that factors in sector economy, tax rate and CHIP adoption.
  • Marketing mission for squads: these will be used to drive up CHIP adoption and increase your income.
  • Squad maintenance costs as the first step towards spending money.