AA Battery - Week 46

I managed to get a good solid 8 hours of work in this week, so I’ve finally made some progress on the UI necessary for finishing the crew system refactor…

17 September - 23 September 2018

In spite of making good progress this week, it feels like just as I overcome one big challenge, I find two more waiting for me! After getting the new crew system in - I realised that I needed to to get guards working again in the new system because the game is just way too difficult without guards. That necessitated overhauling the in-battle menu system, which was previously only used for selecting your bunker’s main weapon, to allow selecting guard assignments and weapons as well.

I managed to get the menu overhaul done this week, but just as I was rejoicing, I realised that I’d need to change the guard weapon system on the bunker, to interface with the new game logic layer guard weapon system, so another big refactor awaits me this week. Once that’s done I also need to update the shop with the new guard weapons, as well as changing the progression for main weapons so they don’t all start unlocked.

Work on my turn-based strategy series of articles has also ground to a halt, so I’ll need to try and get that ball rolling again this week… hopefully having spent a fair bit of the weekend playing board games will help with inspiration a bit.

Here’s a video of the new menu system in action:


Matt Van Der Westhuizen

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