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GGO16 - Day 2

Instead of a lot of careful design I’m just going to jump straight into building a prototype! I’ll stick with the name I was using for the board game version of the idea, which is MegaCorps.

This “Syndicate 4X” game idea is one I’ve thought about and designed and redesigned in my head nearly half-a-dozen times… I’m sure if I scanned through my Google Drive I’d probably find at least 1 game design document, so I feel fairly comfortable winging it in the design department.

In terms of technology choices I’m going with Unity - I know Github encourages using open-source libraries, but in a game jam stick with what you know. I’ve got a couple of add-ons from the Unity Asset Store that will also come in handy:

  • FastGrid to help snap tiles to a grid.
  • NGUI for building my user interface.


Great success! I started at 20:00 and worked until about 22:30.

What I managed to get working is:

  • Showing a simple map of city blocks owned by different players.
  • A very basic income part of an economic system based on blocks owned.
  • Players take turns and once all 4 players have ended their turn the round is resolved (triggering stuff like income now, battles later).

Here’s a screenshot: My first city!


Matt Van Der Westhuizen

Back-end service developer at Ubisoft Blue Byte by day - wannabe game designer & developer by night.