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GGO17 - Day 12

Just a quick update since it’s already very, very far past my bedtime…

We were away for the weekend to spend some time with our friends from Pretoria. We went to see Live and finished Pandemic Legacy (we crashed a bit harder than I would expect from such an experienced group of Pandemic players, but we also suspect the people that post their scores on the internet most likely cheated a hell of a lot :P).

I also spent quite a bit more time than planned cleaning up my desk once we got home on Sunday evening. It’s now optimised for game development and art practice!

GameDev Desk

The result of all of this is that I unwisely decided to start digging into object pooling again at 21:30 instead of going to bed… so I’m going to be a permanently exhausted pigeon tomorrow as I only finished now at 00:30. The upside is I got it working well for all the objects we have so far that could be pooled! You can see the Pools gameobject on the left in the screenshot below, with a gameobject underneath it for each type of pooled entity and a current count of the pool size:

Object Pooling


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