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GGO17 - Day 24

No work done today. I spent the day with my friends trying out some new board games at the Timeless board game party. That said I did want to post an update video quickly as our last couple of screenshot updates didn’t quite do justice how awesome the game looks now with the bombs raining down around your bunker:

Michelle unfortunately has to work all weekend, so the Sunday part of board games were cancelled, which means I’ll have some time to work on the game today.

Aside: Board game mini reviews

If you are curious, amongst the board games we tried today were:

  • Scythe: Brilliant, even though I came last by a mile! Oozes theme while also delivering in the game play department.
  • Lewis & Clarke: Quite enjoyable with some interesting mechanics, but not sure for how many plays it would remain entertaining.
  • Yamataï: Was also quite fun. Plays like a light-weight version of five tribes. Very pretty!

Matt Van Der Westhuizen

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