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Buildings: Dwellings

Dwellings are a type of building that seems to be unique to Heroes of Might and Magic.

They are places where the player can spend resources to recruit units into their armies. Most of them can be found inside the castles and towns spread all over the adventure map, but a few can be accessed directly on the map as well. Typically those are for the neutral faction units like Rogues, Nomads and Genies but there are also some exceptions like the various types of peasant huts that give you units for free without requiring any payment.

Here’s an example of all the dwellings that can be found in the Warlock castle in Heroes of Might and Magic:

Warlock dwellings

And here’s an example of the two types of adventure map dwellings - the gypsy wagons on the left lets you pay to recruit Rogues, while the house on the right gives you Archers for free:

Map dwellings

ECS Design

No ECS design here because these are simply different ways of combining mechanics I’ve already covered - see the related mechanics below.


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