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AA Battery - Week 39

Progress pretty much ground to a halt in week 39 from my side.

Between a birthday dinner, board game weekend, recording a new Crazy Cousins Chat and still feeling a bit poorly from the cold / flu I had last week I just didn’t manage to find enough hours left over in the week to make a dent in Crew Manager V4. To be fair it is a very large task - writing the new code took me no time at all, but going through 3-4 scenes that need to have their components updated to use the new version is going to take a while. Only once that’s done will I be able to start testing and balancing the new system and adding all the deeper changes needed to make it work as intended.

30 July - 05 August, 2018

I only spent 5 hours 45 minutes on game development related activities this week, compared to 12 hours 45 last week. To be fair a large 5 hour chunk of that was watching the Vietnam documentary which might be considered tenuously linked to the development of our game, but still if you look at the breakdown between the two you can see why I didn’t make much feature progress this week: Week 38 & 39 Timesheets

That’s right - 1 hour of development time versus 5 last week - you can ask any developer, that’s just not enough time to make a dent in any but the most trivial features and this feature is probably one of the most complex in the game, touching parts of nearly every screen…

Week 40 should hopefully go much better! We will have some construction ongoing over the next couple of weeks at home, but hopefully the public holiday on Thursday and being on leave on Friday will help me make up some time for what I’ll lose running around after kitchen equipment.


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