AA Battery - Week 47

We spent large parts of the weekend working on AA Battery, which made for some good progress for the week.

24 September - 30 September 2018

I didn’t get much time for working on AA Battery during the week - instead what time I did manage to find was spent on my turn-based strategy series. I feel I’ve finally started to make some progress with my post on turn structure, so hopefully this week I’ll be able to get close to a final version.

Regarding AA Battery, we spent Saturday getting the new crew weapons working, which mainly involved reimplementing the shooting logic for guards to use the new ScriptableObject weapon types so we could add burst fire and recoil. Something really cool that came out of it was Sas’s idea to use AnimationCurves for defining the recoil pattern on the guard weapons, which beat the hell out of the manually entered arrays I was using before:

Animation curve defines recoil!

We also recorded the next episode of our podcast, which is going to be our first one on game design theory.

I was hoping to make some good progress on Sunday with the progression system, but Sas realised during the merge request that there were a few flaws in my implementation, so we spent the day sorting those out. The code to handle guard animations is much less terrifying now, so further work on related systems should be a bit more manageable now.

This week I’m going to try to finish my turn structure post and do a similar refactor for bunker weapons to what we’ve just completed for guard weapons - that will make the shop progression changes a bit cleaner as well.


Matt Van Der Westhuizen

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