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GGO17 - Day 8

Day 8 is a few hours past (I miss clicked the Publish Now button) and we are now slightly more than one week into the jam. After today there will be exactly 3 weeks remaining!


As Sas mentioned I added damage mechanics on Day 6 and last night was scoring mechanics and an initial look at object pooling.

The only features we are still missing from the basic version of Paratrooper are:

  • Bombers: We’re going to use this as an enemy much later in the difficulty curve, so this can wait a bit.
  • Helicopters: We replaced them with transport planes - who jumps out of helicopters?!
  • Explosions: This is a cosmetic feature, so we’ll add it as polish later in the jam.
  • Game Over: Having 4 soldiers on one side doesn’t end the game… our mechanic for this is going to be very different from the original game, so I’m not sure if it’s worth implementing this just for the sake of having a version of the original embedded in our game.

I’d say we’re pretty close to feature complete one week in! I’m very happy about this as it puts us in a great position to add all the new mechanics we’ve come up with for the next two weeks while leaving another whole week for polishing.

Speaking of polish, Sas has been recording sounds and adding them to the game which is already helping to give it a nice polished feel… can’t wait for him to get the aeroplane sounds in - the clips I’ve listened to sounded great (I’m just going to have to re-do the bomber art to be a C130 to match it)!


Matt Van Der Westhuizen

Back-end service developer at Ubisoft Blue Byte by day - wannabe game designer & developer by night.